Back down south

Back Down South is a 4-piece Indie Rock formation based in the south of the Netherlands, lead by front man Jack Harrison from Arctic Monkeys’ hometown Sheffield in the UK. This interesting mix amounts to a blend of raw Indie-Rock flavored with hints of grungy Britpop, epic melodic guitars and catchy vocals. Back Down South is an already established name in the local music scene but has raised the stakes on a national level as well by winning the 2nd place in the Dutch Kensington Cover Contest and by opening for popular acts such as DeWolff and Soul Sister Dance Revolution.

Back Down South was originally formed in 2010 by lead guitarist Rob Teeuwen and a few high-school friends. The setup was subject to regular change and university careers kept the band from making any significant breakthroughs in their early years. Despite this tough start, Back Down South eventually became whole when they joined forces with Jack in the summer of 2014. He initially joined as a rhythm guitarist and sang only when there was no one around. Fortunately though, the tables turned when a hidden recording by a rogue microphone in the corner of the room unexpectedly uncovered his voice to the rest of the band, and everyone instantly knew Jack was the new front man.

It is the entrepreneurship and perseverance of the band members that defines Back Down South. Ideas are never too crazy. In 2012, the band published a last-minute entry to the national Kensington Cover Contest in which they surprisingly won 2nd place, despite the fact that they had less than a single day to complete the entire production. With the sole purpose of being able to produce their own singles, Rob devoted all his money and spare time to teaching himself how to record, mix, and master audio. Even if the band is separated by an ocean, efforts will continue. With Danny temporarily living in Aruba and Rob in San Diego, Back Down South was able to record their new album in locations all over the world using modern day technologies such as Skype and Dropbox. Innovation skyrocketed with the invention of “kamikaze studio”, which is constituted by rapidly entering a random guitar shop, seizing the most expensive equipment, and recording guitar parts before the management gets a chance to kick you out of the store. Back Down South presented their new album last summer during a North-American tour together with Californian singer-songwriters Gayle Skidmore and Minor Birds.